We constantly continue to develop and expand the volume of electronic production, which we started in 2002. We offer our customers a wide range of solutions for different sectors and various subjects, starting from the design stage. 

We offer a flexible and high-capacity manufacturing capability to our customers through 3 fully equipped and high-speed automatic typesetting lines, developed with 5 automatic typesetting machines.

Our aim in the field of our electronic production is to arrange the highest number of components with high-speed automatic machines. it is sometimes not possible to achieve full automatic typesetting because of the integration of complex electronic systems directly linked to the product design, and the presence of multiple electronic or non-electronic elements for a finished product. In such cases, our expert engineer staff and experienced typesetting personnel come into play in this regard.

Based on the technical knowledge of as well as machines and equipment available to our teams, we carry out automatically or manually the process of manual typesetting, screwing, mechanical assembly, depaneling, gluing, laser marking, labeling and grouping with non-electronic parts and plastic, metal and other alloys, following the principle of continues improvement.

We also apply make use of special techniques and technologies that can meet the respective needs such as assembly of complex power electronics with large components, grouping of heat dissipation parts and complex soldering. In addition to the standard productions, we are capable of offering project-based solutions making use of production technologies such as selective soldering and conformal coating.

The investments we make in automation allow us to connect equipment, people and processes, improving the level of productivity, quality, responsiveness and decision-making throughout the product lifecycle.

The test control processes in the field of electronics production are at least as important and sensitive as the production itself. Our extensive knowledge in the field of manufacturing enables us to design and test the solutions to meet your specific requirements. We create unique solutions with you in order to analyze variables, measure risks and offset the costs of designing, developing and implementing product-specific testing solutions.

In addition to the certain devices such as EOL, FCT, ICT, we are capable of providing service at "zero error" in sensitive projects through the test devices that we design on a project basis and produce in-house.

The aspects of R&D, design, production and quality are non-negotiable within the product life cycle, and traceability is one of the most important parts of this cycle. The current expectation for simple or advanced products with today's technological infrastructure of classical methods is end-to-end traceability.

As Acron, we are capable of following the journey of each component and part used, from its arrival at the factory to its output as a product.  Using the Panasonic PanaCIM factory solution, Acron closely follows the developments and trends in the world in this regard.